I originally had plans to keep this updated, but when the universe’s plans trump yours, you can only ride along and hope it takes you in a direction in which you can thrive and be successful. It hasn’t exactly been as such, but exciting times are on the horizon. There has been much change, much […]

Online store open!

So after some finagling and programming and all around fun, the commerce side of the site is up and running. The nature of my art does not lend itself well to shipping, so it’s local pickup only, or, I will do delivery upon special request. Ā  When the items have such awkward dimensions and are […]

Site Launch

Well it’s been a long time coming. When life throws you in many directions, most of which you seem unprepared for, you begin to learn very quickly that maintaining complete control over your life is simply an illusion. Also, being one of those people who likes to try and do everything and learn everything all […]