Micah has always had a fascination with the relationship between form and function, particularly the art and ingenuity in combining both. Starting out in the technology industry, building and designing websites, he was able to express his passion for creation and technical design. It was never enough though. The internet has a community, but can make you feel disconnected at the same time. The connection to the product is far more substantial when you can touch it, smell it, hear it, and use it in a world that doesn’t exist in simply zeros and ones. Micah realized his passion for architectural design and development could be transferred to the physical world. Shelving was needed, and lighting was needed to fill his personal space, so out of necessity, these projects were started. Combining his appreciation for industrial design and steam punk art, with his passion for form and function, he completed his first projects. Though it didn’t end there; what was awakened in him was a new found passion, and the result is Atlas Being.